Block List

Phase 4

Our Town

Konocti Art Society, Sponsors
WestAmerica Bank, Owners
4025 Main Street
Kelseyville, CA  95451

“Our Town” is a design variation of Row Houses inspired by the traditional Log Cabin quilt pattern. It is given in recognition of community spirit and involvement that WestAmerica Bank shows in Lake County.

Pole Star

Trina and Armand Pauly, Owners
Polestar Computers
3930 Main Street
Kelseyville, CA  95451

A pole star is a prominent visible star which appears to be a navigational tool when searching for other celestial bodies.  In this sense, Polestar’s business serves as a guide and helping tool to patrons and businesses alike in Lake County.

Four Patch-Horse Play

Quailbrook Farm
Kathy and Peter Windrem, Owners
7460 Kelsey Creek Drive
Kelseyville, CA  95451

The barn is at least 50 years old and was on the property when purchased by Kathy and Peter in 1976.  The barn is a home for their horses.  “Four Patch-Horse Play” was designed by Gerri Groody.

Celtic Knot

Mountain Vista Middle School
Shannon Fontana and students of Eva Scott, Sponsors
6885 Konocti Road
Kelseyville, CA  95451

The memory of teacher/coach Eva Scott, who was a caring educator, is honored by them Celtic Knot which was her favorite design.

Flowers and Ferns

Gerri Groody and Bonnie Kolesar, Sponsors
Ruth and Tom Stewart, Building Owners
3720 Main Street
Kelseyville, CA  95451

Sisters, Gerri and Bonnie, sponsor this quilt block as a tribute to their mother, Mary Robbins.  It honors their Russian heritage and their mom’s appreciation for beautiful flowers.

Clay’s Choice

Donna and Bob Garcia, Owners
746 Park Way
Lakeport, CA  95453

Clay’s Choice honors three of Donna Garcia’s family members who were and are quilters.  Their quilts impart warmth and love when family members are wrapped snuggly in them.

Mariner’s Compass

Boatique Winery and Tasting Room
Madeleine and Robert Mount, owners
8255  Red Hills Road
Kelseyville, CA  95451

The Mariner’s Compass pattern is one of the earliest quilt patterns. It is based on the design of early compasses that was used to guide sailors to their destination. Our “Mariner’s Compass” will be displayed on the new Boatique Winery and Tasting Room at Red Hills Vineyard and will symbolically guide visitors to taste wine and view classic wooden boats on display. Boatique Winery will beopen in the Spring of 2015.


Scully Packing (previously Scotts Valley Fruit Exchange)
Jenny Campbell, sponsor
2180 Scotts Valley Road
Lakeport, CA  95451

Honoring Adele Burris Grothe, the colors purple, red, yellow and blue were chosen for the block to replicate the colors she used in quilts lovingly created for all her family members.

Sail Away

Hospice of Lake County
Mike Borg, owner
1860 High Street
Lakeport, CA

The pattern of a sailboat with a mountain and valley border mimics the mountains and valleys surrounding our beautiful lake. Grief counseling is part of the use of this site.  The sail boat is used to symbolize the “passing” from our earthly life to the ethereal spirit life.

Star Chain

Community Care Building
8050B Lake Street
Lower Lake, CA  95457

Star Chain represents the community at CCHAP and the Senior Service Program. It is painted in blue, yellow, orange, purple, turquoise, red and white.  The colors were chosen for the quilt block to represent life, healing , sun, nature, art, harmony and spirit.

Oak Leaf

Stone House Historical Museum (the oldest building in Lake County)
18174 Hidden Valley Road
Hidden Valley Lake, CA  95467

The quilt block design “Oak Leaf Variation” was chosen to honor a 200 year old oak tree which succumbed in the 1970‘s. Located inside the HVL gates, visitors are invited the 2nd Saturday of every month.  To view the quilt block call Georgeann @ 987-7370 or Jean @ 987-3568 for entrance through the Hartmann Rd. Gate.

Phase 3

Pear Basket

The Thomas girls, donors
Rainbow Agricultural Services, owner
Hwy. 29 and Thomas Drive
Lakeport, CA 95453

Sisters Connie Wright, Lori McGuire, and Jeanne Lewis, remember their pear farming parents, Leroy and Berniece Thomas, with this quilt block pattern. Four generations of the family have been active in all phases of the pear industry, locally and state-wide.

Turkey Tracks

Lyn and Jim Hilton, owners
8001 Adobe Creek Road
Kelseyville, CA 95451

This barn was built in the 1920’s and is currently being restored by the owners. The property has a long history of colorful inhabitants but the barn owls continue to return and numerous families of turkeys live there year round.

Twisted Star

Cindi and Eric Olof, owners
Olof Cellars/St. Olof Vineyards
5615 Highland Springs Road
Lakeport, CA 95453

Remembering her Norwegian grandmother, Cindi Olof searched for a quilt pattern that embraced Scandinavian appliqué knot designs. She liked this intertwined star pattern and filled it with very bright colors.

Birds Nest

Tina and Robin Kingsley, donors
Greig and Leslie Olson, owners
Bird Brain Designs
3925 Main Street
Kelseyville, CA 95451

Built in 1937, the building has been used as a dime store, an annex to the corner bank and at least two quilt shops. Today, sisters use it for their online business and a working studio. They feel the store has provided them a nice nest right on Main Street.

Summer Winds

Dr. Kirk and Quincy Andrus, owners
4135 Main Street
Kelseyville, CA 95451

This is a 90 year old structure that has been home for decades to many families. Since 1985, it has been used as a 1,700 square foot medical facility. The quilt block is filled with green and blue colors reminders of renewal each spring and blue skies of Lake County.

Courthouse Steps

Darlene Lunas, owner
Michael Lunas Law Office
306 N. Main Street
Lakeport, CA 95453

The geometric quilt block is filled with yellow and gold representing the sunshine of Lake County skies and the blues represent Clear Lake, the largest natural lake in California. Only one block away from the County Courthouse, this historic building has been used for the last 25 years as a law office.

Three Cheers

Mike and Bonnie Ewing, donors
Peggy and Dave Browning, donors
Cindy Strong, donor

In 1997 the Lakeport movie theater was purchased by the Lake County Arts Council and renamed the Soper-Reese Community Theatre. Local donations as well as federal and local government grants supported the renovation of this landmark. Hundreds of volunteer hours keep the doors open and the stage filled with musicians, dancers, orchestras, live radio broadcasts, plays, and even movies.

Carpenters Star

Anonymous, donor
Ely Stage Stop and Country Museum
9921 Soda Bay Road
Kelseyville, CA 95451

Once a stage stop along Hwy. 29, this building was moved to this location and renovated. Carpenters Star is affixed temporarily to the wrap around veranda but will be hung on a barn that is currently under construction. Inside will be a working blacksmith shop and antique farming equipment.

Electric Fan

Calpine Geothermal Visitor’s Center
15500 Central Park Road
Middletown, Ca 95461

Along the Sonoma and Lake County border are geysers, comprising 45 square miles, and, the largest complex of geothermal power plants in the world. Calpine is the largest geothermal power producer in the U.S.

 Checkered Rooster

Terry Dereniuk, donor
Chacewater Winery and Olive Mill, owner
5625 Gaddy Lane
Kelseyville, CA 95451

By partnering with the Kelseyville Sunrise Rotary Club, Checkered Rooster was auctioned at a fundraiser to support local school programs. This was a primary goal in the beginning of the LCQT project. This quilt block greets passersby on one of the busiest roads in Kelseyville.

Olive Wreath

Barbara Gossett, donor
Rancho de la Fuentes Bed and Breakfast
2290 Soda Bay Road
Kelseyville, CA 95451

The LCQT project was so popular at the Kelseyville Sunrise Rotary fundraiser a second quilt block was commissioned and donated to an active events facility. The design recognizes yet another agricultural crop based in Lake County.


Clear Lake High School Student Council, donors
Michael Lunas Law Office, owner
306 N. Main Street
Lakeport, CA 95453

This is a classic traditional quilt pattern done in bright red. Each corner of the quilt block has a red Cardinal representing the school’s colors and mascot.

Grape Expectations

Wildhurst Tasting Room
3855 Main Street, Kelseyville, CA
Myron and Marilyn Holdenried, owners
Painted by: LCQT Artistic Team

The grapevine pattern is hung on the side of a historic building constructed in 1928 by the IOOF organization. Currently, it is a fashionable tasting room and event venue for Wildhurst Vineyards.

Phase 2

Grape Basket

13500 E. Highway 20
Clearlake Oaks, CA
Clearlake Oaks-Glenhaven Business Assoc.
Dennis West, property owner
Painted by: LCQT Artistic Team

The stately barn with a stone ledge and brick foundation is surrounded by a green valley, fruit orchards, and vineyards. The chosen colors and grape basket theme perfectly capture the spirit of the community.

LeMoyne Star, a variation

401 N. Main Street
Lakeport, CA
Peggy Campbell, owner
Painted by: LCQT Artistic Team

The quilt block and building owner, a CPA, is a long-time quilter. She enjoys quilting along with her mother and daughter. Recent exterior renovation was partially assisted by the Lakeport Redevelopment Façade Program. Colors of the quilt pattern were chosen to be complimentary. LeMoyne Star is the first to shine on Lakeport’s Main Street.

Farmer’s Daughter

5455 Renfro Drive
Kelseyville, CA
Floraine Saderlund Chalk, owner
Painted by: LCQT Artistic Team

Built around 1900, the family farmed pears and walnuts. Three generations of this family were raised on the ranch. Farmer’s Daughter was chosen by the current owner and granddaughter of Ernest Rentsch.

Full Blown Rose

Hwy. 29 at Mile Marker 36
Kelseyville, CA
Robert McIvor, owner
Pamela and Gary Maes, M.D., donors
Painted by: LCQT Artistic Team

The pattern was selected to honor Arline Rose Maes. It reflects Arline’s middle name, her love of roses, and her enjoyment of this project. The 100 year old hay barn is located on early Kelseyville pioneer property. The current house was built using wood from the original homestead.

Amish Center Diamond

5716 Main Street
Kelseyville, CA
Big Valley Properties & Windrem Law, quilt block donors
Ana and Tom Macomber, building owners
Painted by: LCQT Artistic Team

“Beautiful and dramatic” proclaims Peter Windrem proudly. The pattern of this famous Amish design is simple with deep and bold swathes of color. Located on Main Street in Kelseyville, the building has a long history of multiple uses including a continuation school and the school District Office.

Blazing Sun

4015 Main Street
Kelseyville, CA
The Brick Tavern
Painted by: LCQT Artistic Team
Sid McCloud and Patti Lyndall, owners

Facing due East, nestled into a vine that hugs the historic brick building, Blazing Sun greets each new day with colors as beautiful and striking as the sun itself. The Brick Tavern was established by pioneers in 1872. A popular tavern during Gold Rush days, it was also an important stage stop near Clear Lake and used as a Post Office.

Eight Point Star

20573 Hwy. 29
Middletown, CA
Marjean and Gary Evans, owners
Painted by: LCQT Artistic Team

Inspired by the Lone Star quilt that homesteader grandmother handed down to Marjean Evans, the Eight Point Star hangs on a barn hand-built by the owners and their friends. Using recycled power poles and pecky cedar, the barn held multiple 4H and FHA projects for many years. Currently, the barn is the storage place for vineyard equipment, a variety of animals and hay.

Hawaiian Pineapple

2505 Soda Bay Road
Kelseyville, CA
Rian and Debra Sommerfield, quilt block donors
David and Bonnie Weiss, barn owners
Painted by: LCQT Artistic Team

This classic barn sits amid a beautifully maintained vineyard, lush in summer. The Hawaiian Pineapple was chosen to honor Debra’s mother, Jacqueline Raelene Araujo Myers. Jackie Myers was a true ‘island girl’ born and raised in Hawaii. Hawaiian quilts have always been made with much reverence for ancestors. It employs the tradition of using only two colors in its execution. This one was chosen carefully and lovingly.

Clark’s Star

4717 Clark Drive
Kelseyville, CA 95451
Madelene and Walt Lyon, owners
Painted by: LCQT Artistic Team

Madelene Lyon created the design, chose her favorite colors and named the quilt block, Clark’s Star. The Lyon Ranch sits at the foot of Clark’s Peak which is part of Mt. Konocti, an inactive volcano. When looking East, the barn is directly in front of the Peak.

Around The Corner

Gloria Flaherty
Lake Family Resource Center, owner
5350 Main Street
Kelseyville, CA 95451
Painted by: LCQT Artistic Team

The Resource Center strives to connect the family with community resources that meet their needs. The executive director chose the pattern because of its name. She says, “Neighbors and friends are just around the corner to offer help, support, and a safe haven when needed.”

Double Wedding Ring

Karen Mackey, owner
The English Inn
675 Main Street
Lakeport, CA
Painted by: LCQT Artistic Team

The English Inn Bed and Breakfast was built as a residence for Sarchel Bynum in 1875. The current owner has chosen Double Wedding ring because it was her grandmother’s favorite pattern and to honor her mother, Ruth Henry. Ruth’s joy was in making quilts, Karen’s joy is in buying quilts.

Blossoms And Berries

Jon and Annette Hopkins, donors
Lou Ann Bauer and Nancy Yost, owners
3988 Main Street
Kelseyville, CA 95451

To honor and remember his mother, a native of Ohio, Jon Hopkins chose the Berries and Blossoms quilt pattern. Installed on the Main Street in Kelseyville, the block faces east on the 2nd level of LuLu’s Ice Cream and Dessert Café. Jon joined the LCQT artistic team and helped paint the quilt block. His mother’s lifelong love of flowers was matched only by her love of ice cream!

Phase 1

Square in a Square

Hill Creek Ranch, Hwy. 29,
Kelseyville, CA
Lou Ann Bauer and Nancy Yost, owners
Painted by: Annette Higday

Square in a Square is the very first quilt block hung in the Golden State in spring of 2010. The Ranch grows organic Sauvignon Blanc wine grapes and olives pressed for the oil. A herd of rusty animal sculptures creates a unique scene viewed from the highway.

Martha’s Vineyard

Wildhurst Tasting Room
3855 Main Street,
Kelseyville, CA
Myron and Marilyn Holdenried, owners
Painted by: LCQT Artistic Team

The grapevine pattern is hung on the side of a historic building constructed in 1928 by the IOOF organization. Currently, it is a fashionable tasting room and event venue for Wildhurst Vineyards.

Blazing Star (variation)

Big Oak Ranch
4595 Gaddy Lane,
Kelseyville, CA.
Brian Fisher and J. B. Ballesteros, owners
Painted by: LCQT Artistic Team

Big Oak Ranch Blazing Star, a variation The pattern, a variation of Blazing Star, is a combination of many quilts passed down to the present owners. A small yellow and white block quilt adorns a guest bed in the house purchased from Sears and Roebuck in 1935.

Peace and Plenty

Old Gaddy Ranch
4550 Soda Bay Road,
Kelseyville, CA
Susan Martin, Gerri Groody, & Annette Hopkins, quilt block donors
Suzanne and Tom Blavett, owners
Painted by: LCQT Artistic Team

Pioneer Robert Gaddy arrived at this location in 1853, stopped his horse, threw off the saddle onto the ground and began his family life in Kelseyville. Long remembered as a peaceful man with a strong sense of humor, Peace and Plenty honors his memory.

Lady of the Lake

Mt. Konocti Growers
2550 Big Valley Road,
Kelseyville, CA
Nancy and Chuck Carpenter, quilt block donors
Painted by: LCQT Artistic Team

Lady of the Lake, a well known quilt pattern, is also the name of an historic pear label. The label was used at Mt Konocti Growers, an agricultural pear cooperative that was started in 1926. At the height of the production, there were 22,000 tons of pears processed per year. In 2004 a group of the coop-members began making and distributing a sparkling pear wine using the Lady of the Lake pear label. This quilt square honors the historic pear industry and the new wine industry of Lake County.

Fifty-Four Forty or Fight

Steele Winery and Tasting Room
4350 Thomas Drive @ Hwy 29,
Kelseyville, CA
Jed Steele, owner
Painted by: LCQT Artistic Team

The staff at Steele Winery chose the 50 40 or Fight square because it resembles a shooting star, one of Steele Wine’s labels. In the 1844 presidential election, James K. Polk became the 11th President of the United States using 54 40 or Fight as his campaign slogan. The slogan referred to the latitude coordinates of the Oregon state line and the U.S. dispute of the boundary with Great Britain. During the summer months, Steele Winery hosts a popular weekly farmers’ market with craft booths, music and fresh produce.

Rising Star

Adobe Creek Packing 4825 Loasa,
Kelseyville, CA
Ken Barr, owner
Painted by: LCQT Artistic Team

The Rising Star block hanging on Adobe Creek Packing Pear shed was selected because it resembles the Blazing Star flower on the historic label still in use today. In the 1920s the shed’s location was the world’s largest pear drying yard.

Bear’s Paw

Stokes Ladders 4545 Renfro Drive,
Kelseyville, CA
Karen and Jerry Hook, owners
Painted by: LCQT Artistic Team

The trees were removed from a long-time Bartlett pear orchard to build an orchard ladder facility that ships ladders all over the world. It is one of the few remaining ladder companies still manufacturing within the United States.

County Fair

Lakeport County Fairgrounds
401 Martin Street,
Lakeport, CA
Painted by: LCQT Artistic Team

Can you see the Ferris wheel embedded into the County Fair quilt block? The Phil Lewis Hall, located at the Lake County Fairgrounds, was named after the first manager of the fairgrounds. This past year more than 4,000 items made, grown, or raised by Lake County residents were entered into judged contests.

Tulip Time

Tulip Hill Winery, Tasting Room and Visitor Center
4900 Bartletts Springs Road
Nice, CA
Budge Brown, owner
Painted by: LCQT Artistic Team

In the 1870’s a mineral springs was discovered by Greene Bartlett. Believing in the healing abilities of mineral springs, he built a resort. In 1984, the French water bottling company Vittel purchased the property, but later sold the building to Tulip Hill Winery. The first LCQT quilt block installed on the north shore of Clear Lake was hung on the winery in 2010. Each spring, the winery celebrates the season when over 30,000 tulip bulbs and daffodils blanket the flowerbeds culminating in the ’Festival of Tulips’.

Ohio Star

Finca Castelero 4050 Loasa Road
Kelseyville, CA.
Christi White and Luis Castelero, owners
Painted by: LCQT Artistic Team

The Ohio Star design was chosen to hang on the barn at Finca Castelero. The design has a special meaning to the Castelero’s. An Ohio Star quilt was passed down to them by a grandmother. The quilt square also honors the memory of a long time friend. Finca, Spanish for small farm, is a working farm, planted with Bartlett pears, syrah grapes, olives, and an organic vegetable garden.

Monkey Wrench

3770 Gaddy Lane
Kelseyville, CA
Penny and Eric Wheaton, owners
Painted by: LCQT Artistic Team

Monkey Wrench pattern, sometimes called Churn Dash, hangs on the garage of California natives now retired in Kelseyville. The owners have collected quilts from all over the country, including Hawaii. Restoring autos in this garage fills the owner’s passion. An oft used auto mechanics tool is – - the monkey wrench.

Squash Blossom

Hwy. 29, Marker #21
Lower Lake, CA
April Ricketts, quilt block donor
Carol and Steve Ellis, ranch owners
Painted by: LCQT Artistic Team

Honoring Gayle Longbotham, April Ricketts’ mother, Squash Blossom was hung on this beautiful Ellis Ranch red barn, built in 1887. Remembering her mother’s life-long love of quilting, April states, “If she were still with us, I know she’d be a part of this project.”

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